There’s something about television commercials and online banner ads that turns normal people into vicious rage monsters.

When a Corey B. Trotz commercial comes on
When you accidentally click on a banner ad

Every time someone flips out over an ad, I hand them an ice cold can of Chill tf Out Bro©.

*Chill tf Out Bro is only intended for use with people who are suffering from extreme saltiness

Always carry an extra can just in case you (or any of your friends) decide to spontaneously throw a tantrum.

I’m not going to kid myself. It is irritating  when a banner ad pops up on your screen and interrupts whatever you’re doing, but there’s no need to throw a fit over it.

I have a very complex theory that could be revolutionary in describing this cultural phenomenon. We’ll name it: “Very Complex Advertising Theorem #1”.

Very Complex Advertising Theorem #1:

People don’t hate advertising, they hate BAD advertising.

Bad advertisements, or “badvertisements”, are those annoying ads that make you want to immediately turn off the TV and leave the room. They’re about as entertaining as going to the DMV. Some of these ads will often feature some dude trying to get you to buy something by literally yelling at you through the TV screen. See Exhibit A.

Exhibit A:

Advertisements like this are easy [and fun?] to hate, but that doesn’t mean people hate all advertisements. Everyone* has a favorite commercial. I hear “OH DUDE, I LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL” almost as often as I hear “MAN, I HATE THIS ******* COMMERCIAL”. There are plenty of ads out there that people enjoy (as long as they aren’t played 32 times in a row). “The Most Interesting Man in the World” didn’t become an internet meme because of crappy commercials. People actually liked the ads.


Here are a few examples of both good and bad ads:


Some of you might not like this, but I think it’s safe to say that the 100 million+ people that viewed it on YouTube were at least mildly entertained. Hopefully everyone can agree that it is much better than something like this:



Embrace the good ads, make fun of the bad ones. We’d all enjoy our lives a little more if we did this. Next time you see a bad ad, laugh at how terrible it is.

To all the fellow ad people of the world: Let’s make less crap-vertising and start making more sweet-baby-Jesus-that-was-rad-dvertising.

*97.96%¹ of people have a favorite commercial. The other 2.04% of people are generally just always pissed off at the world so let’s just let them hang out in their own little circle while we continue being pleasant humans.


¹ My head